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Due to the changing weather patterns and resulting disasters, increased thefts, and a growing desire to protect one’s assets, many schools, medical facilities, municipalities, business owners, homeowners, and renters have become more aware of the necessity to have an inventory of their personal and business assets.

Professional advisors such as Insurance Agents, Financial Planners, Attorneys, and Accountants are seeking credible, trustworthy inventory professionals to recommend to their clients.

Busy lifestyles have encouraged many to hire an inventory professional to create this documentation for their permanent residences and vacation homes, and to receive professional assistance after a loss from fire, theft, or a natural disaster.

Savvy business owners and entrepreneurs are equally as busy, and realize that it is important to focus on what they do best – building their own businesses and responding to customers’ needs – while leaving the task of creating the inventory documents to the industry experts.

These needs have encouraged the growth of the home inventory industry, also known as personal property or asset inventory. This growth has resulted in a desire for cohesiveness and structure within the industry. Many were also seeking knowledge as they started their inventory service business. Thus, the creation of the National Inventory Certification Association™ (NICA).


The Association

The National Inventory Certification Association was founded in 2011, with new leadership established in 2013.

The growth of the asset inventory industry has created the need for national representation. The purpose of NICA is to assist inventory professionals in achieving quality education and an approved certification program for members and all industry professionals alike.

NICA has chosen to take the lead by helping to set the standards of the industry and encourage professionalism through the extra effort of continuing education. Uniting independent inventory companies throughout the United States  is a vision that is being realized.

It is due to this initiative that NICA has become recognized as the education and certification authority for the inventory industry. We are dedicated to the success of our members. This focus results in increased recognition, credibility, and visibility – all helping to secure consumer confidence.



To be recognized as the education authority for the inventory industry.



To provide quality education and certification for inventory professionals. This is accomplished by creating a business- and industry-related curriculum that contains the knowledge and skills required to achieve success. We focus on serving our members and all inventory professionals by 1) improving and growing the organization, 2) helping to build awareness of the inventory industry, 3) promoting our members in an online directory, 4) establishing a standard of excellence, supported by the Code of Ethics, and 5) encouraging and providing cohesiveness throughout our industry.

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“It's what we think we know that keeps us from learning.” – Claude Bernard
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