update Post-it noteWe have had a great deal of interest regarding the Appraisal Examiner Certification.

Nugent Appraisal is pleased with the progress as we work through the bumps of implementing a new program. The successes have been many, with the NICA members reporting how much they enjoy working with Ray Nugent. You just never know what or how many pieces you’ll be called to collect information on. Jobs have included just one piece of art to a whole-house estate.

To date, the following have achieved their CAE:

  1. Brandon Ely, Inventory Defense
  2. Cindy Hartman, Hartman Inventory
  3. Debra Palmer, Palmer Home and Business Inventory Professionals
  4. Donna Courtney, Courtney Inventory
  5. Hassan Saiyid, Lonestar Inventory
  6. Jo Soard, American Home Inventory Professionals
  7. John Maida, WJ Home Inventory Services
  8. Kate LeGrand, Capital Counts Inventory
  9. Lavon Kearney, Serenity Assured Inventory Solution
  10. Mike Hartman, Hartman Inventory
  11. Nash Khan, Lonestar Inventory
  12. Tim Edwards, Elite Inventory
  13. Tricia Hoekwater, Uniquely Yours Digital Solutions

Congratulations on your achievement!