elearningAs with most people today, there are many challenges that face the asset inventory professional. Some work a full-time or part-time job while creating and growing their business. Most have a spouse and/or family. And we can’t forget about the time it takes to market your business. Since no one wants to be all work and no play, time for relaxation and leisure must also be included in the mix. With all of this on your plate, how do you have time to hone your skill and achieve more education?

All of these reasons are what encouraged us to offer our Continuing Education Program through an online, self-paced platform. E-learning removes many barriers that one might face. Here are what we believe to be the top three advantages of online courses:


You  can plan your education time around the other demands you face. If morning is your best time to be focused before the hustle and bustle of the day begins, your online course is there for you. Others find that once everyone is in bed for the night, and peace and quite envelopes them, they can give the attention necessary for their own self-improvement. Or, you can grab a lesson during lunch! There is no time restriction when your courses are available 24/7.

Convenience isn’t just about time, but also the delivery method. No need to wait for lesson material to arrive in the mail. Just sign in and click on your next lesson. Let’s say you’re home today because a child is ill. Or the kids are home due to a snow day. Or maybe an inventory appointment was cancelled at the last minute. If you decided you wanted to take a course to further your knowledge, in a traditional method you would be out of luck. With NICA’s online delivery, you can begin your course within minutes! Now, that’s convenience!


You know that story of pajamas and fuzzy slippers, or shorts and a t-shirt? This fits well when you receive your courses online! In addition to your leisurely attire, you have the comfort of learning at home. Whether you choose to sit at a desk, lay back in your recliner, or even sitting on the deck soaking in the sunshine, comfort is all yours!

Immediate Feedback

In the traditional mode, you would take a test, then wait for days before you know the results. If you’re in a program that you cannot advance onto the next lesson until you successfully complete this one, it could mean weeks before you finish. No so with online courses. The NICA exam results are available immediately. This enables you to continue on to the next lesson without delay, if you choose. Likewise, at the conclusion of the course, you’ll know the final exam score instantaneously. This provides the instant gratification of being able to print your certificate that indicates the number of CEUs you’ve earned!

E-learning is not for everyone. However, for serious adults like you, who are wanting to grow a business, continue with industry knowledge, and achieve recognition through certification, it is the most sought-after form of education.