Nationwide Inventory Professionals LogoWith April being National Home Inventory Month, Associate Member Nationwide Inventory Professionals believes it’s a great time to start your home inventory business. Many subscribers to the NICA newsletter are researching the industry. For those who are planning to start your inventory service, this awareness month is a perfect time. With fellow professionals promoting the industry more than usual, the attention created will give a catalyst to get started.

And you say that April is just a few days away, right? With the Nationwide Inventory Professionals Business Package and License Agreement, you can be ready to do business within 30 days…before Home Inventory Month is over! You’ll receive:

  • Personalized website
  • Personalized newsletter distributed for you to your database
  • Shared logo that helps create brand recognition
  • Private website with a downloadable manual as well as business and marketing templates
  • Support and mentoring from the founders
  • And very important –1st year membership in NICA and all courses required to achieve certification as a CIS

What great timing … starting your home inventory business during National Home Inventory Month!

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