measuring a rugWhen the Directors of the National Inventory Certification Association received their first Appraisal Examiner opportunity for Nugent Appraisal Services, their thought was “We hope we can represent Ray well!  Cindy said, “We didn’t have ‘real’ concerns, so to speak, since we’ve been doing inventories for years. However, representing someone other than ourselves did make me a little nervous.”  After their first Appraisal Examiner assignment, Ray asked them to share a couple “takeaways.” 

Take more tools than you expect for the job noted.

The assignment was a bedroom set and 2 rugs, so we didn’t figure we needed a flashlight. However, we did need one. Luckily we have flashlights on our phones, which was required to read the dark label, on a dark rug, in a dark basement.

Verify receipts. 

The client stated that she had matched the receipts up with the rugs, We failed to verify them, and when we began to type the report, found the receipts were not the correct ones. In the future we will always read the documentation presented and verify the measurements and other details.

Take control of the process.

Following up from the previous point, the client handed us the receipts and suggested we take the photos before we went to where the rugs were, which we did. Then, when we got to the rugs, we didn’t have the receipts with us to compare. Having them with us, and to take the photos of the receipts along with the rug, would have immediately shown us the receipts weren’t the right ones. When doing home inventories, we ALWAYS control the process and take the receipts to photograph along with the items – we failed to follow that “tried-and-true” method this time, and it caused issues when typing the report.

Let the client guide the “getting to know you” conversation.

Our client was very friendly and shared her business ventures, then encouraged us to tell her about what we do. Others might want to be just strictly business. Let the client direct the conversation, being cognizant of their body language to help determine if they are wanting to chit-chat or have you just get in and get the job done. Be respectful of their time, and you could very likely be referred to others.

Plan to be there longer than expected. 

Our client had additional items to document in addition to the ones discussed with Ray Nugent. Though we didn’t mind (Ray did tell us he suggested she take advantage of the hourly rate and add additional items to be appraised). Be sure to be prepared for this to happen, and allow yourself plenty of time.

Ask questions about the purpose of the additional item appraisals.

Our original purpose for this assignment was to collect information of the bedroom set and 2 rugs for the purpose of a donation. When she said she had additional items for us to document, we failed ask if they were also for donations or another purpose. This information is important for the appraiser.