CertifiedThere are many industries that offer certification today, and the list keeps growing. The Inventory Industry’s certification is just a couple years old, so we are one of the “newer” ones. Some are in the mindset that if they’ve been in business for a year or so that they don’t need to be certified. And this is true to a point. Actually, achieving certification is not required by any government organization. There is no local, state, or federal regulation that mandates it. However, those who are serious about their business see the value.

One benefit of achieving certification is to be recognized as a professional in your industry. The initials after your name indicate expertise. This expertise tells prospective clients that you are credible and trustworthy. Having the designation as a CIS is a confidence-builder.  When side-by-side with another inventory service provider, the person with the certification will stand out.

Being certified is important for any service professional, as it provides you with that extra edge within the industry. Those who understand certification realize that you invested time and money to achieve this distinction.

Benefits of certification

Our website shows the key benefits an inventory professional will realize by achieving designation are:

  • Leadership – designation indicates that you have chosen to be at the top of the asset inventory industry, distinguishing your professional services from others who have not taken this initiative.
  • Credibility – certification validates your knowledge of the industry, commitment to high business standards, and a continued focus on personal and business development.
  • Professionalism – displays your dedication to perform your service according the Code of Ethics and best business practices.
  • Personal satisfaction – shows your self-confidence and commitment to your chosen profession.
  • Recognition – achieving and maintaining your designation brings recognition from your peers, clients, the media, and other industry professionals.

As the industry grows, and more inventory professionals enter the arena, being a Certified Inventory Specialist will distinguish you as a serious business owner who values continuing education. And continuing education keeps you up to date in the industry as well as helping to hone your skills on industry and business topics.