BuyerBewareThe NICA office has received quite a few calls recently from non-members researching start-up kits, business opportunities, and other inventory job opportunities to begin their inventory business. While we don’t know enough about any of the companies of which we have received inquiries, we do want you to know that the Inventory Institute has been investigating a few and have spoken to the Better Business Bureau about one in particular. The BBB is researching and will be providing Johanna Curtiss, CEO of the Inventory Institure, with their findings. We will be sure to provide this information to all National Inventory Certification Association members.

In the meantime, to offer some education on how to determine if the opportunity is a legitimate one, we are including some tips to help you with your due diligence.

First and foremost, call the corporate office and ask to speak with the owner or manager. You want someone who is mentoring you to be responsive and be able to exhibit their knowledge. Any serious business owner will return phone calls and emails. If don’t get a call back, or a response to your email when you are a prospective client, how much response do you think you’ll receive once they’re in receipt of your money?

When calling the corporate office, learn the following:

  • Ask what type of support they offer, if any (email, phone, or both and with/from whom).
  • If the website doesn’t give this information, ask how long they have been in business.
  • Request a full itemized list of what is included in your investment.
  • If promises are made regarding referrals for jobs, ask for a few contact names of those currently working with the company you’re researching.
  • Ask to review their contract prior to committing to anything and prior to sending any money

Remember – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.