National Inventory Certification Association congratulates John and Kristie Mullett of Integrity Inventory in Greentown, who have achieved the designation of Certified Inventory Specialist (CIS).

National Inventory Certification Association™ (NICA) is pleased to announce that husband-and-wife team John and Kristie Mullett of Integrity Inventory, have earned the designation of Certified Inventory Specialists (CIS). Achieving this designation from NICA confirms their knowledge and competence to provide thorough contents inventory services to businesses, homeowners, and renters in the Greentown, Indiana area.

When deciding to begin Integrity Inventory LLC, the couple talked to their insurance agent about the personal property inventory service. They learned that having third-party personal property documentation is a primary key to receiving payment of a residential or commercial claim quickly and in the greatest amount. Home or business owner videos or photographs do not constitute third party documentation. John and Kristie also learned that knowing what you own is helpful, if not essential, for many other reasons … moving or storage claims, estate and financial planning, probate, and divorce and pre-nuptial agreements.

As the general public gains knowledge of the importance and necessity to have a photographic and written record of their belongings, the asset inventory industry continues to evolve. The number of inventory service companies is increasing due to the demand for this professional service for both residential and commercial clients.

A requirement for certification and membership with NICA is to agree to and abide by the Code of Ethics. This helps bring confidence and trust that their clients are served with integrity, respect, and confidentiality.

About National Inventory Certification Association

Established in 2011, the National Inventory Certification Association™ (NICA) is the officially recognized certification authority for the personal property/asset inventory industry. The certification and continuing education opportunities ensure that members have access to quality industry knowledge as well as business and professional development resources to help achieve the success they seek for their home and/or business contents inventory companies.