ContinuingEdOne of the requirements to achieve certification as a Certified Inventory Specialist is to complete the Code of Ethics course. Included in this course is a statement that you agree to conduct business according to the standards established by the Inventory Institute and the National Inventory Certification Association and approved by the Board of Directors.

A strong Code of Ethics is the foundation that helps to ensure that all members conduct business built on the same set of principles. This online, self-paced course defines the values under which all members of these two organizations will conduct business. It is our hope that this standard serves as a guideline for those inventory industry professionals who are not members of either organization as well.

These standard business practices guide business decisions and also encourage the culture under which all interactions are performed by asset inventory professionals and their company representatives. The inventory business owner affirms to oversee employees and sub-contractors to ensure they adhere to this established Code of Ethics.

The catalyst for this agreed-upon conduct is to ensure a reputable and respected industry, as well as to enable a comfort level for all members to confidently refer business to others. The course topics are:


  • Promote professionalism through products, services, and interaction with others.
  • Fulfill all obligations in a respectful and business-like manner.
  • Conduct business in a manner that will not denigrate this industry or other inventory professionals.
  • Support all industry professionals for the common good of the industry.
  • Promote competency and professionalism through continuing education.


  • Display honesty and integrity in all business and personal relationships.
  • Answer all questions truthfully and honestly prior to, during, and after services rendered.
  • Offer services only for which I am qualified, and make every effort to refer a service professional for those I cannot perform.
  • Promote and advertise services honestly.
  • Respect the intellectual property of others and not use this proprietary information without permission.


  • Honor the trust expected of an inventory professional.
  • Take precautions to maintain all customer information in a secure manner.
  • Do not disclose information about customers (i.e., data, photos, reports, etc.), in verbal or written form.
  • Do not sell, share, trade, or otherwise provide customer databases to other companies or individuals.
  • Publish customer testimonials only with their written consent.

Customer Service

  • Serve customers with respect and courtesy.
  • Arrive at the scheduled time, prepared to complete the task promptly and efficiently.
  • Complete all projects within the agreed-upon timeframe and deliver the finished product on time and in the format expected.
  • Place customers’ needs first.
  • Strive to exceed customer expectations.

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