committeeAlong with the introduction of the Appraisal Examiner course and the Appraisal Examiner opportunity with Nugent Appraisal Services that goes along with it, the National Inventory Certification Association formed a committee to determine if a Certified Appraisal Examiner (CAE) certification would be beneficial.

Is there a need? What would be the benefit? In addition to the Appraisal Examiner course, what other requirements should be included? These are some of the questions the committee addressed.

The CAE committee members are:

Creating a CAE designation was a unanimous decision. The committee has determined that it will bring more credibility and recognition to the industry and to this association. Most importantly, though, it will bring more credibility to the home inventory professional when presenting this credential to attorneys, insurance agents, and the client.

Course and CEU requirements, costs, and other details regarding this new certification will be finalized soon. We will post the details once all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed.