Members DirectoryAs with any organization, members often have specific questions about their membership. There are many benefits to being a member of the National Inventory Certification Association, and members have commented their findings. Being part of an organization of like interests seems to be a very common need that has been met by NICA.

One member stated that she feels she is finally a member of a group of professionals that have the same career goals. Another said she has found support and friendships by meeting other home inventory professionals who are also members. Another emailed us, saying that being a member has given him more confidence because it shows there are other successful home and business inventory business owners offering this service.

In addition to this type of support, we have been asked what membership offers. Key benefits are:

  • 50% discount off courses
  • 50% discount off certification exam
  • Being listed in the online directory
  • Receiving referrals from inquiry calls that are received by the NICA office.

Since the recent streamlining of processes earlier this year, we have two other questions that have recently come up:

  • How often and when do I need to renew membership? Membership is an annual renewal, due each year during the month you joined. A reminder notice is sent the month prior to your renewal month.
  • Do I need to remain a member of NICA to retain the CIS designation? No; membership is not required, but you do need to meet annual CEU requirements.

If you have other questions regarding membership, feel free to email or call the NICA office.