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3 CEUs

Customer Service is commonly brought up when there is a need for an individual or company to provide better customer response or when someone provides an outstanding level of service.

You may find it uncommon to experience excellent or outstanding customer service on a regular basis, but when this does happen, you certainly notice it. Conversely, it appears to be human nature to be well aware of those dissatisfying customer service experiences. They have, over time, left the majority in a position to not expect exceptional customer service experiences.

It is imperative that every home inventory professional strives to ensure that they provided exceptional customer service. To ensure the successful outcome of customer experiences, NICA has set standards through courses such as this Customer Service Course and also by establishing a Code of Ethics.

This course offers methodologies that should aid you and your business in the development of a Customer Service Plan & Strategy that will help you offer positive customer service experiences to everyone you work with.

Module 1: Customer Service 101

  • Definition of customer service
  • Customer service is critical to your business
  • Who is your customer and what do they want?
  • Industry standards for customer service

Module 2: A Customer Service Focus

  • Communication
  • Determine the format your customer prefers
  • Documentation
  • Methods of communication by customer type
  • Skills and characteristics

Module 3: Customer Service for the Inventory Industry

  • Market segments
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Outstanding customer service