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2 CEUs

We all have the same amount of time in each day – 24 hours; no more and no less. It is impossible to “save” time. Time is ever-fleeting. The few seconds it took you to read these two sentences are gone, never to be recouped or recovered. You are faced with many projects, tasks, meetings, appointments, and people who consume your time.

Many tend to deal with so many minor interruptions that the big issues, which really should receive attention, remain untouched at the end of each day. How do you fit all of your responsibilities and commitments into each day so you have time for family, relaxation, and leisure activities, also?

Why is it, then, that some people can get much more accomplished in the 1,440 minutes allotted daily than other can achieve? Saving time is impossible, but you can organize tasks, appointments, meetings, etc., so you are more productive. This enables you to manage your time.

This course shares techniques and technology to help set priorities, reduce the time required to complete projects, eliminate your personal time robbers, and much more. It’s called Time Management. But it’s not really managing time; it’s managing the activities that take up your time.

Being more organized, productive, and effective will net better results for the time and energy you invest in each day. A focus on managing your time will improve your life balance while you experience less stress.

Module 1: Planning Leads To Productivity

● Planning For Productivity
● Establishing Goals
● Managing Projects
● Reduce Stress That Hinders Productivity

Module 2: Organization Techniques to Help Manage Your Time

● Documenting Your Time
● Taming the Paper Tiger
● Organizing for Productivity
● Establishing Processes for Efficiency
● Organizing With Technology

Module 3: Priorities and Deadlines

● Establishing Priorities
● Meeting Deadlines
● Planning Your Day
● Handling Interruptions
● An Invaluable Time Management Skill

Module 4: Time Management for the Home-based Business Owner

● Setting Parameters
● Creating a Routine