BooksThe final survey is now closed, and we’re already making plans based on the results of the Curriculum Survey results. We believe that education is the most important area to place our focus, and is really the foundation of why NICA was developed.

Based on one of the surveys, you believe that continuing education is the most important function that we provide.

The Curriculum Survey will guide us as we plan for upcoming courses. As you know, Project Management was recently released. Due to your responses, the course that received the most votes has already been contracted to be released early-mid 4th quarter; that course is Collections Inventories. The full results are below:

Industry-related courses ranked by number of votes

  • Collections inventories was the only course that received a 100%. That means every person who responded to the survey chose this course.
  • Next in line is Insurance Basics for the Inventory Professional.
  • We had a tie for third place, shared by Basic Bookkeeping for a Home Inventory Business, Understanding the Difference between Public Adjusters and Insurance Adjusters
  • Loss Inventories was ranked next on the list.
  • Another tie for the final three courses are Commercial Inventories, How to Start a Home Inventory Business, and Quoting and Establishing Price Points.

Non-industry-related courses ranked by number of votes

This category did not receive near the number of votes as industry-related courses accumulated. To report the results, though, we list them below, in order of preference.

  1. Sales Techniques
  2. Establishing and Sticking to a Budget
  3. Branding and Creating a Busiiness Image
  4. Developing Marketing Campaigns

The results showed an overwhelming preference for industry-related curriculum, so this is where we will focus our continuing education courses for 2017.

Again, we thank you for your time and responses.