The Appraisal Examiner specialty can help you expand your inventory services business. Whether working with our Associate Member ValuePros or with local appraisers, your expertise can be valuable. The knowledge gained in the Appraisal Examiner course will provide you with information that will help you confidently talk to your inventory clients about their high-value items. Suggesting an appraisal of these items is a very easy up-sell, as well as an important step for them to protect their belongings properly. You can grow your business just by offering this additional service of being a Certified Appraisal Examiner (CAE).

By contacting your current client base to inform them of your newly earned CAE, you will have an opportunity to reconnect. This might also encourage them to hire you to update their current inventory or create an entirely new one (if they’ve made major changes). And, of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask them for referrals.

Your CAE designation will enable you to market your services to local appraisers. While appraisers do whole-house appraisals, most don’t provide inventory services. Though people need to know what they own, it is rarely necessary to have all items appraised. Appraisals are normally completed on high-end contents. A whole-house appraisal is more costly than an inventory, and most often a contents inventory is sufficient to aid the client in being able to remember and report the value of their belongings. By meeting the appraisers in your area, it is a high possibility that you could find a few who will refer you to their clients. And, as the course discusses, you might also be able to become a sub-contractor for those appraisers.