BooksWhen most people choose to enter this industry, they think of only houses; thus, “home inventory.” However, once investigating the industry, there is a realization that there are many other needs for a record of one’s contents … storage units, boats, RVs, and businesses.

Though the processes are the same – creating documents of descriptions along with photos and/or videos, the course, Business Contents Inventory, hones in on business asset inventories.

In addition to disaster preparedness, there are many other business activities that require a thorough and up-to-date document of personal property. These include placing items in storage, tracking inventory, applying for a loan, preventing unnecessary purchases, and preparing for a buy, sell, or merger. You will be introduced to each specific type of contents inventory, along with details of the reasons for this documentation.

To properly recommend when it might be beneficial for the business owner to discuss coverage with their insurance agent, this course includes insurance basics of commercial insurance.

The 3 Modules are 1) Business Inventory, 2) Determining Your Inventory Process, and 3) Providing Your Business Inventory Service.

This is one of the four core courses required to achieve your Certified Inventory Specialist (CIS) designation.