directoryThe National Inventory Certification Association is constantly seeking ways to provide additional value for our members. We are pleased to introduce our new Directory Page, which is consistent with this initiative.

The new format provides a quality back link to members’ websites, or a social media page if they prefer. In the previous version of the Directory, it was necessary to click on the state in the drop-down men to find an inventory professional. This did not allow for the SEO value of the new on-page live link format.

In addition to the benefit of the back link, it is now easier for people to find the members in a specific geographic location. Instead of clicking on a particular state, those seeking an asset inventory service can just scroll down the Directory to find their state. Listed in alphabetical order, the states are formatted in a larger font and in NICA orange, making it quite easy to find the specific state. Members are listed alphabetical by city; when more than one member is in the same city, the alphabetical process continues by placing them alphabetically by company name.

This new scrolling option will also make it easier to locate an inventory professional in a neighboring state. The consumer will find it much faster than being required to continually click on near-by states in the former drop-down box until a professional was located.

Let us know what you think of the new directory by commenting below. We welcome any additional improvement suggestions also!