National Education Association congratulates member Kate LeGrand for achieving Appraisal Examiner Certification.

PRESS RELEASE – The National Inventory Certification Association™ (NICA) is pleased to announce that Kate LeGrand, Certified Inventory Specialist and owner of Capital Counts Inventory, has recently earned the additional designation of Certified Appraisal Examiner (CAE).

The growth of the personal property inventory industry has created an opportunity for contents inventory professionals to serve as an Appraisal Examiner. This certification provides the credentials to assist appraisers by collecting the required information they need to create an accurate Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) compliant certified report. The purpose of a CAE designation is to establish recognition for this specialized service, providing the opportunity for appraisal firms to locate certified, qualified examiners, and for Certified NICA members to grow their businesses through additional revenue opportunities.

When completing an inventory service for residential and commercial clients, the inventory professional is often asked if they know the value of items, or if they can refer an appraiser. The CAE designation signifies that these inventory professionals have the knowledge and information required to collect and provide the necessary information for an appraiser to assign value. This allows for a two-way referral opportunity between these two industries.

Kate commented, “This certification enables me to expand Capital Counts Inventory‘s service offerings and serve more needs. For example, if an executor asks the estate attorney to refer an inventory professional to document the estate’s contents, and also an appraiser to value specific items, we can serve both needs. This enables the client and attorney to work with just one professional instead of two.”

To help ensure that the inventory service provider is prepared to serve the appraisal industry, the NICA Education Committee determined the requirements to achieve an Appraiser Examiner Certification. Only those who have earned their Certified Inventory Expert (CIE) or Certified Inventory Specialist (CIS) designation can apply for this additional level. They are also required to successfully complete the Customer Service and Appraisal Examiner courses, plus an elective chosen from the NICA curriculum. This Committee included Members of NICA, an established property appraiser, and the Association Directors.

Based in Plainfield, Indiana, Capital Counts Inventory offers examiner appraisal, business, and home inventory services in the State of Indiana.