working togetherAs an Associate Member of NICA, Nugent Appraisal Services has become quite active with NICA. Owner Ray Nugent stated that he saw value in developing a relationship between his personal property appraisal business and the home inventory professional. The process of compiling an inventory is similar to what is collected for an appraisal. Therefore, the cohesion is quite evident and he has proposed an Appraisal Examiner opportunity to us, the members of the National Inventory Certification Association.

There are two ways to work as an Examiner. One is while marketing  your inventory service to estate attorneys, insurance agents, financial planners, and others in your local area, state that you also provide certified appraisal services. If they only want an inventory, that’s great. If they need a few items appraised, you can now provide this as well. This keeps the client from needing to deal with two professionals (inventory service and appraiser), which eliminates the need for the client to hire a 2nd vendor and schedule a 2nd appointment. You then send the information collected about the items that need appraised to Ray Nugent; his professional staff will do the research and complete a USPAP compliant certified report.

The second opportunity is to serve directly as an Examiner for a job Nugent Appraisal has secured. They provide appraisals throughout the United States, which often requires them to travel. By working with inventory professionals, they can reduce their travel time and save the client these expenses as well. For the home inventory professional, it’s a perfect opportunity to add another income stream.

In addition to the current work they do throughout the country, Nugent is focusing on major metropolitan areas – currently Boston, Omaha/Lincoln, Indianapolis, New York City, and San Francisco – to build their business. When the attorney is in need of an appraisal, they call Nugent who will in turn contact the Examiner in the area to schedule the collection of information.

A course, Appraisal Examiner, is being co-authored by Ray Nugent. This will ensure that you receive complete and thorough information if you choose to pursue becoming an Examiner. Our intent is to have the course available by the end of January or early February.

This is a great example of how our Members and Associate Members can work together!