With anintroduce initiative to establish a structure that is in line with the standard business practices for associations, we have created a Board of Directors. This board will guide the National Inventory Certification Association through continued growth and improved processes in the functional areas of NICA – education, certification, and association management.

The board members were chosen based on their ability to lead as we move forward, and to advise according to their professional skills and knowledge base in the combined areas of technology, business, management, education, and the asset inventory industry.

Meet the NICA Board of Directors

  • Mike Hartman, CIE- Executive Director of NICA
  • Cindy Hartman, CIE – Managing Director of NICA
  • Debbie Mahler – CEO of Internet Tech Specialists
  • Johanna Curtiss, CIS – CEO of The Inventory Institute
  • Sean Hartman, CIS – Business Development Executive of Nationwide Inventory Professionals

Please visit the About/Contact Page of the NICA website to learn their backgrounds and qualifications. We are very proud that they have agreed to give their time and expertise to assist us as we move forward! Additional members will be invited to join the Board of Directors as the association grows and finds the need for an additional knowledge base and/or skill set.