CurriculumOne of the courses required to achieve your Certified Inventory Specialist designation is Inventory 101. The purpose of this course is to help inventory professionals learn about the various inventory categories so you are prepared to speak knowledgeably with others in the “counting industry.” This knowledge will also enable you to know whether to consider a job opportunity or to decline.

Personal property inventory is fairly new compared to retail and manufacturing, so you will most likely be contacted to inventory a retail store. Especially at year-end, numerous convenience store owners or managers will be calling to find someone to count their bubble gum, candy bars, and other consumables in their store. Small manufacturers and sheet metal shops might call on you to count their “pieces and parts” at year-end.

Knowing the key words and types of items other industries inventory will help you know what opportunities to accept and which ones to pass on or refer if you know of someone who specializes in that industry. These calls give you an opportunity to ask if they have an inventory of their equipment, furniture, electronics, etc. Give a quick explanation of why it is important to have this inventory, and you might secure a personal property inventory client!