There is an old song that was released in 1963 that honors the warm months of the year, singing about the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. It’s a time when many people slow down and enjoy the sunshine, take leisurely walks, enjoy a trip to the dairy bar, and so much more.

This is also a great time to promote your inventory service. Marketing now can catch those who are either ready for a cleaning-out of the garage and/or attic while they have more time – or preparing for fall when the hot weather is over for another year. Either way, here are some suggestions for social media posts to garner interest:

  • When it comes to financial planning, don’t forget about the contents of your home and any offsite storage you’re using. A home inventory will help you know the value of your assets.
  • Let me know if you need any help getting your home inventory done this summer. Even if you want to DIY, I’m happy to share tips and resources with you.
  • Knowing what items you have in storage and making sure those items are adequately insured are perfect reasons for a home inventory.
  • Out of sight, out of mind isn’t a good idea when it comes to items in your off-site storage unit. Theft, fire, and other damage happen at storage facilities, too. #HomeInventory
  • Having a garage sale? After that is completed, it is a great time to get your #HomeInventory done or updated, removing items you no longer own.
  • Are you properly insured? Do you have enough coverage? Are you paying for too much coverage? Your #HomeInventory will help your insurer know if you have the right amount of coverage.