Mary Gillen
Mary Gillen

Associate Member Mary Gillen‘s soon-to-be-released ebook, 367 Marketing Ideas & Tactics for Your Business, provides great tips to help you market your business. She is generously sharing some items with us this month – let’s call it a preview of her marketing knowledge and creativity. Following is just a sample of what is included in her book.

Stand Up and Market – Can’t afford to exhibit at conferences? Make the most of the question and answer periods during workshops and presentations. Stand up and ask a question, throwing in a reference about your business. Example: “As a Web Designer, I would like to know how you think the Internet and World Wide Web will impact your industry.” Make sure your question is intelligent and pertains to the matter being presented. This process can help you make more connections.

CPAs & Attorneys = Mucho Referrals – Looking for referral business? Make sure that the CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) and lawyers in your local area know that your business exists. These professionals can be a major source of referral business, as they are important influencers on how their clients spend money and conduct business. These types of professional referrals can provide you with a consistent flow of qualified business.

Try something unusual!

Sometimes, you just want to do something different – or crazy – or unique. An unusual marketing initiative might be just what you need to build your business. 

Marketing with License Plates – Many state motor vehicle departments in the US offer customers the option to purchase personalized license plates. A math tutor in Herndon, VA, bought personalized tags that read “MATH TUTR”. No matter where she goes, she receives countless inquiries about her tutoring services from folks who read her license plates. Her “license plate marketing program” sends her a steady supply of students.

Step Out of “Character” – A CPA we know always makes it a point to send his clients birthday cards. Yet he takes it one step further. He calls each client and actually SINGS the traditional HAPPY BIRTHDAY song to them on their special day. And who cares if the only singer in his family is the sewing machine? His clients love him, and he has more business than he can handle.

There are many more – actually 363 more – ideas and tactics in Mary’s book. We will let you know when it’s available to purchase.