This Marketing Minute is provided by Associate Member Mary GillenMary Gillen

1. Educate the Captive Audience with Audio
The average commute for some folks in large US metropolitan areas is three hours every workday. 15 hours a week! Cheez, the commute’s a part-time job, isn’t it? Associations in the Washington, DC area provide their print newsletter content as audio podcasts for their members who are already strapped for time and stuck in the long commute. You can do the same for those who sign up, sharing your content from blogs, presentations, your website, etc., being heard during that long, boring drive to work, and back again. Why not have them listen to you?

2. Deliver the Job Early
Without notice, deliver your completed inventory one day early. They never forget it. You will look like a champ. And it’s likely your clients will be more apt to refer you when they are pleasantly surprised.

3. Famous For 15 Minutes
During your next presentation, reveal your most important information in the first 15 minutes. Studies have shown that folks’ attention span starts to wander after the first quarter of an hour.