This Marketing Minute is provided by Associate Member Mary Gillen

We all know that a call-to-action encourages people to “do something” after reading your marketing message. 

As with everything else in marketing, there are some great words of wisdom to guide you when promoting your home inventory business. These from Mary Gillen speak directly to your initiatives when wanting to use a call-to-action.

Use Only One Call-to-Action Button Per Web Page

Want your visitors to really notice a call-to-action button on your Web page? Here are some tips:

1) Only use one call-to-action button per Web page. Too many messages overwhelm, confuse and distract the user.
2) Place the call-to-action button “above the fold” so the visitor does not need to scroll to see it.

Thank You Page Marketing

A visitor fills out a contact form on your Web site and clicks the submit button. He/she is then re-directed to a new screen that contains a “thank you” message.

Make the most of this precious Web site real estate by placing additional call-to-action messages on this page.

Don’t waste this opportunity to direct your prospect to other pages or offers on your site.