Mary GillenThis Marketing Minute is provided by Associate Member Mary Gillen

Often people will say “I didn’t know a service like this existed!  So let’s make sure people know you do exist, and exactly what you do!

Let Them Know You’re Here: Include Hyperlinks, Video, and Images in Your Press Releases for Better SEO

For each electronic press release you create, add an optimized image, video, and keyword-rich hyperlinks back to your website or blog. Google News reports this information to the Google Search Engine for indexing.

NOTE: Google News only indexes news releases three days old or less, and only indexes it once.

Let Them Know What You Do: Explain Your Business in 60-Second Spots on YouTube

Help prospects and customers understand your business in a series of 60-second video “bites” on YouTube.

Explain what happens after a loss, and how inventory documents help ease the claims process.
Share how an inventory is of great help when settling an estate.
Give examples of how small businesses benefit from knowing what they own.
Show the steps of inventorying one item so they have a visual reference.