This Marketing Minute is provided by Associate Member Mary GillenMary Gillen

It’s important to continually add new subscribers to your list, as most email list owners lose about one-third of their subscribers every year.

Following are some quick and easy-to-do steps to help you grow your lists.

  • Place your email subscription forms at the top right corner of every page of your website.
  • Include a Facebook App on your Facebook Page that allows your fans to subscribe. TIP: Check with your email service provider about a Facebook App that will work with your subscription process on your Fan Page.

Other places for your Email Signup Forms:
1) At the bottom of each blog post
2) Integrated into your slide shows or videos
3) At the bottom of the last page of your site articles

Only ask one thing on your form. More folks will sign up for your email subscription list if you only ask for an email address.