This Marketing Minute is provided by Associate Member Mary GillenMary Gillen

The purpose of a headline is to draw the reader’s attention. It is short with the intent to grab their interest so they want to read what follows.

Do your blog articles – and even your Facebook posts and Twitter tweets – use emotion to motivate? Here are some examples that other professionals used, and ideas to get you started for your next writings.

Using emotion (sadness, fear, joy, etc.) is a great strategy to gain attention and also to increase your click-through rates.

Dentist: “We Love Cowards!”
Orthodontist: “Don’t Worry! No Down Payment for Braces!”
Addiction Treatment Center: “Want to Stop? Start By Calling Us”
Hearing Aid Center: “We Listen…So You Can Hear”

And suggestions for our industry:

“Don’t Lose It! We’ve Got You Covered!”
“We Do the Tedious Work So You Don’t Have To!”
“Sirens Screaming! Flashing Lights! Be Prepared for the Worst.”
“The Feeling is ‘Relief’ When You Have a Home Inventory.”