MembershipImprovements have been implemented to the membership process for the National Inventory Certification Association. In the past, an inventory professional would join NICA and immediately enter into the certification program. Actually there was no choice – you HAD to become certified to be a member.

A recent Board of Directors action approved a new process where an initial membership is obtained without need to achieve certification. Added to the application for membership is a requirement to pass the Code of Ethics Course within 90 days. Due to this revision, membership will now be placed in one of two categories – a Member or a Certified Member.

Member and Certified Member classifications

A Member is one who realizes the value of being in an organization of fellow industry professionals and chooses to invest in this opportunity of collaboration. By joining an industry association, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits offered to members. You invest in yourself and your business – you can even say that you take responsibility to help the industry grow. Most members will pursue the ultimate goal of achieving Certification.

A Certified Member is a member of NICA who has chosen to be a leader in the industry by achieving their Certified Inventory Specialist designation.

Membership renews annually for only $200.

Member benefits

Listed below are the key Member Benefits:

  • Affiliation with a nationally recognized industry association.
  • 50% discount off all Continuing Professional Education Courses and Certification.
  • Referral opportunities.
  • A listing in the Member Directory, which includes a live link to your website.
  • Association with other like-minded professionals.
  • Rights to include the NICA logo on your website and all marketing materials.
  • Upon achieving your Certification, NICA will prepare and distribute a press release announcing your accomplishment.

The Board of Directors are confident that this new membership process is better for all. Members are no longer required to be certified right away – in fact they don’t have to be certified at all! It becomes a choice instead of an acceptance of membership. Industry professionals can now join NICA and begin their efforts toward certification as soon as they join, or can take it slower to help them meet the demands of a busy lifestyle, while also gaining the knowledge required to help achieve success.