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Introduction to SEO
Question #1: On-page SEO refers to factors you can control on your own website, while off-page SEO is mostly about getting quality backlinks.
Question #2: There is only one goal for a successful SEO strategy, and that’s to provide information (good or bad) that will produce hits.
Question #3: One of the first steps to learning SEO is to get hands-on experience.
Question #4: Some essential SEO tools include a keyword research tool, a backlink analysis tool, and a rank tracker.
Question #5: Crawling is the process of measuring how slow your computer is running.
Question #6: Indexing is your own documentation of keeping track of your posted articles.
Question #7: A critical SEO factor is using unique content, rather than duplicate content.
Question #8: Prove your expertise by only writing about topics for which you are qualified.
Question #9: Website speed isn’t important. If it’s a good blog, people will wait for it to load.
Question #10: Your blog must work perfectly on any device and screen size.