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Creating Your Blog
Question #1: Writing a blog will help people get to know you which will help build trust.
Question #2: It isn’t important to know who your audience is as long as you provide great content.
Question #3: Stay with the topics your readers are coming to learn about and they will return to learn more.
Question #4: Writing only new content that you create is the standard of blogging.
Question #5: It’s not important to keep your content relevant as long as your information is interesting.
Question #6: Keyword research, reading the news, and conducting surveys are ways to generate topics for fresh content.
Question #7: A List post is not one that people like reading.
Question #8: In addition to straight text, alternative content formats include Q&As and Case Studies.
Question #9: Blog commenting will generate more backlinks to your website.
Question #10: Statistics are boring, so it’s not a good idea to include them in your blog.