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Question #1: When starting a new blog, keyword research isn’t important until you have a large amount of content entered
Question #2: Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is an excellent keyword tool.
Question #3: There are two ways to start keyword research with a keyword tool. You can use seed keywords your competitors are using or search their URL/domain.
Question #4: Besides the keyword suggestions, professional tools offer other useful SEO metrics and insights that are crucial for success.
Question #5: The Tripod Rule to achieve success is popular, rankable, and relevant.
Question #6: Long-tail keywords are long words with more than 8 letters.
Question #7: It’s important to keep an eye on keyword difficulty because you’ll save a lot of time by focusing on keywords that bring results.
Question #8: Google Keyword Planner finds keywords with high search volume.
Question #9: It’s not important to outrank other sites as long as your blog is interesting.
Question #10: Using keywords your competitors use is a good way to start your keyword research.