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Content Promotional Strategies
Question #1: Having a Content Marketing Strategy increases your chances of creating a successful blog.
Question #2: Creating a content calendar is not a good idea, as it will create false deadlines for your writing.
Question #3: Conducting an interview for your blog post benefits only you, so you must be persuasive when asking for their time.
Question #4: Part of your content strategy is keeping your content fresh.
Question #5: The purpose of a resource page is to link all the sites you used when writing your blog posts.
Question #6: A resource page tends to be rich in keyword density, which drives more traffic to your website.
Question #7: Relevant, high-quality images draw people in to continue reading,
Question #8: Having a guest blogger isn’t a good idea, since you have to pay people for their content.
Question #9: Content teasing is a way to stir up interest and encourage readers to come back
Question #10: Influencer Marketing relies on outside individuals known as influencers to deliver your message.