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Module 3 Quiz: How to Market to the Insurance Industry
You'll need to correctly answer at least 8 of the 10 questions below (at least 80%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: A good insurance agent/agency will encourage policyholders to have an inventory of the contents in their home. It shows they are looking out for their clients.
Question #2: An agent/agency takes on some potential liability if their client is damaged in any way by the negligence when they refer your inventory service.
Question #3: The best days to market to an insurance agent are Monday and Friday.
Question #4: Most policies require an inventory of damaged or stolen items in order to reimburse an insured for a personal property loss.
Question #5: The majority of people don't like to give referrals.
Question #6: Some agents may go as far as to create a waiver form requiring the customers' initials or signature acknowledging the agent has discussed the need for an inventory during the sales process.
Question #7: An agent you are marketing to may not have encountered anyone offering your valuable services, but it's usually as easy as meeting with them once and they'll refer you.
Question #8: Helping an insurance agent see the value in the inventory services you offer is an educational process.
Question #9: Restoration companies work with people who already experienced a loss, which makes them good referral sources.
Question #10: Most insurance agents will conduct their own due diligence prior to referring their clients to other professionals.