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Module 3 - Quiz – Marketing Your Loss Inventory Services
You'll need to correctly answer at least 8 of the 10 questions below (at least 80%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: A successful marketing strategy will help you introduce and grow your home inventory business as well as your loss inventory services.
Question #2: Positioning yourself as an expert in loss inventories is not important because, after a loss, the client is under pressure to meet deadlines and cannot be picky when hiring help.
Question #3: It isn’t worth spending time notifying your current client base about your loss inventory services since they already have their preparedness inventory documents.
Question #4: An independent adjuster could be a resource for your loss inventory service.
Question #5: Insurance agents will not be a good connection because they won’t want to refer you. It’s common knowledge that they don’t want to pay out a big loss settlement.
Question #6: A public adjuster is hired by the policyholder to appraise and negotiate the insurance claim.
Question #7: Public adjusters could be a resource to receive referrals because when they are extremely busy they could subcontract you to do the inventory portion for them.
Question #8: Restoration companies would never be a good a good business affiliate because they have their own employees to complete the inventories.
Question #9: Pricing your loss inventory services can be challenging because of all the variables you’ll face that aren’t involved when quoting a preparedness inventory service.
Question #10: The three main pricing methods are 1) line-item, 2) project-based, and 3) hourly.