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Being Productive
Question #1: Having a plan provides the opportunity to organize your day to ensure each step you’re taking has a reason.
Question #2: Free traffic sources are online platforms that can drive your target audience to your blog.
Question #3: Search Engine Optimization is the least helpful source of free traffic.
Question #4: Email marketing is an easy way to promote your blog because all you need to do is send an email to your list of targeted clients.
Question #5: Press releases are not helpful because they can only be distributed by press release publishers.
Question #6: Blog commenting is a great way to improve your rank in search engines, as well as build backlinks
Question #7: Using quality images in your posts will help boost social media shares and engagement.
Question #8: To boost SEO rankings, the quantity of blog posts is more important than the quality.
Question #9: Creating a solid audience by marketing your blog is a slow and steady process, but it is worth the effort.
Question #10: A key strategy when creating content is to stay fresh and alert.