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Module 4 Quiz: Marketing Your Examiner Service
You'll need to correctly answer at least 17 of the 20 questions below (at least 85%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: It is not a good idea to include your appraisal examiner service on your home inventory website because it could be confusing to your potential clients.
Question #2: There is a limited number of potential clients who will benefit from an appraisal.
Question #3: Knowing the reasons for having an appraisal will help you promote your examiner service to each specific market.
Question #4: Whether you are hired to provide a standard home inventory service or your examiner service, you have the opportunity to cross-promote the two services.
Question #5: It is a service to your client to discuss the insurance implications of how having an appraisal for fine art, china, antiques, etc., is beneficial.
Question #6: The majority of homeowners know that most insurance companies will require a detailed item-by-item list of everything they will need to have replaced after a loss.
Question #7: Giving a brief education about the benefits of having a complete contents inventory prior to a loss can turn an appraisal examiner project for a few items into a complete home or business inventory job.
Question #8: The benefit of building relationships with referral sources is that you will be known and trusted by these professionals, which should result in referrals.
Question #9: All states have the same requirements to settle an estate, which is to be completed within 4 months.
Question #10: Estate attorneys who refer your home inventory service are a good referral source for your examiner service because often there are items that should be appraised.
Question #11: Many attorneys who serve high wealth individuals prefer appraisals of an estate rather than an inventory. This is because they want to ensure they are stating the correct value of the estate.
Question #12: Business attorneys need appraisals when their business owner/client needs to have their assets appraised for a buy, sell, merger, or acquisition.
Question #13: Revisiting the family law attorneys you know is not a good idea when promoting your examiner service. They need to know you as the home inventory professional.
Question #14: Estate planners are not a good referral source since they are looking at planning the estate, not settling it.
Question #15: A key point to discuss with an attorney is that you can provide both the lower-cost inventory service, the higher-cost appraisal service, or a combination of both.
Question #16: Insurance agents are a good referral source because they often recommend appraisals to their clients to ensure proper insurance coverage.
Question #17: Appraisers will see you as a threat to their business and will not welcome you as a provider for remote appraisals.
Question #18: An inventory and an appraisal are two separate services, so they should not be promoted to the same time to potential client or referral source.
Question #19: It is not required to become certified as an appraisal examiner, but is highly recommended due to the additional credibility and recognition certification can bring.
Question #20: When talking to potential client, discuss both your home inventory service and your appraisal examiner service. Explaining that you can serve a variety of needs and desired outcomes will help you secure this opportunity.