NICAThe LinkedIn Group, Asset Inventory Industry, was created for members to share information and participate in relevant conversations. Since the National Inventory Certification Association (NICA) has assumed management of this group, we thought it would be appropriate and less confusing to use the NICA logo as the group logo as well.

The Asset Inventory Industry Group is open to all inventory professionals, those who are in complimenting industries (insurance, restoration, home organizing, photo organizing, estate planning, etc.), and anyone who has an interest in learning about this industry. If you aren’t a member, please join us here,

If you are already a member of this LinkedIn Group, please participate so we can all benefit from your expertise.

What type of information?

  • Ask a question
  • Pose a dilemma
  • Seek advice
  • Announce successes
  • Ask for assistance
  • Find a sub-contractor
  • … and any other topic that is relevant to the industry

Who do you know in our industry or other ancillary industries? Please invite them to join. Having a variety of professionals in the group will enhance our shared knowledge and variety of topics.