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3 CEUs

In this online, self-directed course, you will learn how to give a clear, well-structured delivery. It is essential to know exactly what you want to say and the order in which you want to say it. Think “outline.” Clarity of ideas, good organization, and engaging your audience will help result in a lively, logical, and compelling message, delivered confidently and professionally.

Having a well-thought-out and planned structure will help alleviate any nervousness you may be feeling in the build-up to your talk.

Module 1 – Planning For Your Presentation

This module introduces the five types of presentations and the key components required for an effective presentation that will meet your objective. Knowing your subject, having the right content, and proper verbal and non-verbal elements in your delivery are essential to establish professionalism. You will also learn tips on how to find speaking engagement opportunities and how to identify and interact with your audience.

  • What Is A Presentation?
  • Audience
  • Purpose
  • Objective

Module 2 – Preparing Your Content

This module helps guide you through deciding on the topic, creating the content, and planning your script. Your presentation tools and methods you’ll use will assist with the often difficult process of writing the content and presenting it properly.

  • Topic Development
  • Planning
  • Presentation Methods
  • Writing Your Presentation

Module 3 – Practice and Delivery

This third module covers the importance of preparation and practice to ensure a quality delivery of your information. Other essential information includes your appearance, body language, and the quality of your handouts.

  • Preparation/Practice
  • Presenting/Delivery
  • Closing
  • Post Presentation

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