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As a home inventory professional, you realize the various reasons one needs an inventory. The need is even greater for older adults, as they often transition into a smaller home, assisted living, or move in with family. Moving is one of the top life stressors to begin with. Now consider the fact that most Seniors have been in their home for many years and have accumulated a lifetime of memories and belongings. Most likely, they do not know what they own, as many now have full garages, sheds, basements, attics, and even spare bedrooms which have kept these items out of sight and out of mind.

A personal property inventory can make downsizing and moving much easier. It will also help with decision making and provide peace of mind, knowing exactly what they own before items are being shared with family members and friends, discarded, donated, or sold. Many seniors – if they haven’t already – complete their estate planning. Having an inventory is a key element of this planning process.

It is helpful for inventory professionals to understand the needs of the Senior market. Knowing their needs and wants is the first step in developing relationships with your prospects. There is often a two-tier prospect level, as often an adult child is assisting their parent in making their decisions. If not their adult child, Seniors often reach out to their trusted, professional advisors for advice and guidance.

The three modules in this course present the following topics:

Module 1: Marketing to Older Demographics

• Understanding the 50+ Demographic
• Marketing to Seniors
• Social Media
• Time Well Spent

Module 2: Marketing Methods for Senior Clients

• Strategies for Marketing
• Listen for Opportunities
• The Importance of Educating Your Prospects
• Sales and Marketing Tools

Module 3: Referral Opportunities

• Trusted Advisors
• Associations
• Additional Opportunities

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