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3 CEUs

Once termed home inventory, this industry has changed to serve many other needs in addition to residential services. Thus, this expansion of opportunities encourages the more general term of asset inventory as a description of the entire industry. There will be a continued cross-over among many asset inventory areas as contents inventory service companies choose to seek additional niches.

This foundation course includes the variety of processes that are currently used by successful inventory professionals. This serves two main purposes: 1) to introduce the many options from which a new inventory service provider can select and develop a professional service of their own, and 2) to provide this collective information for established inventory professionals who seek to learn other methods, in an effort to continually improve their process.

Including a basic understanding of homeowners insurance is essential. This is to enable the inventory professional to properly recommend when it would be a benefit for the homeowner to discuss coverage with their agent.

In addition to disaster preparedness and recovery, there are many other life events which require a thorough and up to date document of one’s personal property. The most common include estate settlement, separation of assets/divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, and financial planning. Residential Contents Inventory covers each specific type of contents inventory and the slight differences they might require in the type of information to be documented.

Module 1 – Home Inventory

  • Definition of Home Inventory
  • Definition of Personal Property
  • Insurance Basics
  • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
  • Additional Reasons for a Home Inventory
  • The Growth of the Industry

Module 2 – Documenting the Inventory

  • Office Equipment
  • Touring the Home
  • Determine Your Process
  • Photographic Record
  • Written Document
  • Tool Kit
  • Optional Tools

Module 3 – Providing Your Home Inventory Service

  • Establish Your Inventory Routine
  • Assets That Require Special Attention
  • A Systematic Approach for Your Service
  • The Final Product
  • Determine Your Fees
  • Additional Inventory Services
  • Best Practices
  • Safety

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