OpenMany states are completely open, while others are still opening in stages. Either way, it’s a good time to begin to promote your business again. When you are able to begin providing inventories, be sure to follow the advice of social distancing, wearing a mask, etc., per the guidelines from your state officials.

Here are some tips that can help you gain traction and reconnect with clients, professional referral sources, and prospects:

  • Begin attending networking events as they re-start their meetings.
  • If you updated your website, send an email with a link so they can view your new information.
  • Announce that you’re open again on all of your social media platforms. Use an “open” sign as a graphic to help draw attention.
  • If you send out a newsletter, send a special “now open” issue, letting everyone know that you are now (or your projected date) ready to create their inventory.
  • Call or send emails to current customers, asking for referrals.
  • Call or send emails to referral sources to let them know you are once again providing your inventory services.
  • Call current clients to see if they need an on-site update of their inventory.
  • Contact those you’ve given estimates to and schedule their inventory.
  • Offer a “back to work” special pricing (always include a deadline on discount offers).

When speaking to prospects, be sure to stress that you will use safety precautions while you are in their home or business. The next article covers the key steps in providing a safe service for you and your clients.