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Business Contents Inventory – 3 CEUs



3 CEUs

Participants in this course are introduced to the various processes and procedures implemented by successful inventory professionals to conduct and compile personal property inventory documentation for commercial clients. Descriptions of, and the many needs for, business asset inventories are presented, along with typical business sectors that are good target clients for the personal property inventory professional. Insurance basics and best business practices are also included.




Once termed home inventory, this industry has evolved, and continues to grow. The addition of business asset inventories occurred without large planning sessions by those in the industry. Rather, it has been reported by many inventory professionals that their move into the commercial market was largely by accident – usually due to a business owner requesting help documenting his or her business assets.

This online, self-paced course, Business Contents Inventory, introduces many inventory procedure options. This enables the inventory service professional to develop and/or alter a business asset inventory process based on previously implemented successful practices.

Insurance basics are provided to offer a general understanding of commercial insurance. This enables the inventory professional to properly recommend when it might be beneficial for the business owner to discuss coverage with their insurance agent.

There are various reasons for which business owners will request a professional inventory service. A proactive inventory is designed to help ensure that there is a sufficient amount of insurance coverage and to identify where any further coverage might be beneficial. The need to file a claim arises when a fire, flood, theft, or natural disaster occurs. This record of assets, created prior to this type of catastrophic loss, will be extremely beneficial as the customer works towards recovering from the loss, to include financial recovery.

In addition to disaster preparedness, other business activities require a thorough and up to date document of personal property. These include tracking inventory, budgeting, preventing unnecessary purchases, preparing for a buy/sell/merger/acquisition agreement, and more.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded 3 CEUs.


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