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Collections Inventory – 3 CEUs



3 CEUs

The Collections Inventory course presents a description of what entails a “collection” as well as suggested processes for documenting these groups of items. Attention is given to ensuring a logically organized report, consisting of photographs, descriptions, and supporting documentation, as well as allowing for updates of additional information at any time.



Everybody collects something. Common collectible items are photographs, event ticket stubs, trip souvenirs, sports memorabilia … the list goes on and on. The reasons people collect are plentiful as well – for personal enjoyment by seeing their items displayed, creating a history to pass down to their heirs, for investment, competition with other collectors, social interaction by attending swap meets and exchanging information, to name a few.

Keeping these collectibles properly documented is important. For the home inventory professional, knowing the process of documenting a group of items in a specific category of diverse types and values is a benefit to their current service offerings.

Collections are not limited to individuals but also held by businesses and specific market sectors. As such, the collection should be documented in a logically organized repository consisting of photographs, bills of sale, and reference materials that allows for updates of additional information at any time – providing peace of mind for the owner.

In addition to learning processes and procedures to thoroughly document these special items, this course also includes information regarding how insurance plays a role in collecting valuables, how to market a collectibles inventory service, suggestions on how to price your collections service, and tips on creating additional business through upselling this service.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded 3 CEUs.


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