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Customer Service – 3 CEUs



2 CEUs

Participants in this online, self-directed course will learn a variety of customer service skills and techniques that can be utilized to aid in the success of their business. Although this course will cover specific skills, techniques, and methodologies for providing excellent customer service, you will find that the topic of customer service is very broad. Therefore, the information provided in this course is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather to serve as a foundational aid to help establish your business’ success.


Customer Service is one of the major elements of developing and growing a successful business. You may find it uncommon to experience excellent or outstanding customer service on a regular basis, but when this does happen, you certainly notice it. Conversely, it appears to be human nature to be well aware of those dissatisfying customer service experiences.  

Though all businesses should strive to provide exceptional customer service, the home services sector is more often scrutinized than may other industries. This includes the personal property inventory providers. For this reason, this course was created to assist contents inventory professionals to succeed in the area of customer service, focusing not only on the direct customer, but also the “internal” and secondary customers as well.

This course offers methodologies that should aid you and your business in the development of a Customer Service Plan & Strategy that will help you offer positive customer service experiences to everyone you work with.

To help ensure our industry professionals achieve a successful outcome of excellent customer experiences, NICA has set industry standards through courses such as this Customer Service course and also by establishing a Code of Ethics.

Successful completion of this online, self-directed course earns the participant two (2) CEUs.


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