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Structure Inventory – 3 CEUs



3 CEUs

Participants in this course, Structure Inventory, are presented with the basics of what a structure inventory is, the purposes one serves, the role of an inventory professional, and challenges that might be encountered when conducting a structure inventory. Also provided are tips on how to prepare for a structure inventory, steps required to conduct a thorough and professional inventory, and the equipment and tools required. Those taking this course will also learn marketing techniques, key business affiliations, and pricing options.

This online, self-directed course is provided through the National Inventory Certification Association’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program, which recognizes those who set themselves apart as an inventory professional committed to lifelong learning.


Home inventory professionals are known for documenting the contents of a home or business. Often during a home inventory project, the service provider is asked about carpet, flooring, built-in bookcases, and attached fixtures. These items typically are not included in a personal property inventory because they are, by definition, part of the structure.

There are times when one needs to have documentation of a commercial or residential building and its fixtures. These reports detail the condition of the building interior and exterior, as well as additional buildings on the property, along with other structures such as walls, fences, etc. This is called a Structure Inventory. This course also includes guidance on how to develop and market structure inventory services.

Successful completion of this online, self-directed course earns the participant 3 CEUs.