NHIM LogoA survey was distributed late last year that asked for input regarding new topics for our Continuing Education Curriculum. In response to members’ interest, a new course is being created and near completion. The soon-to-be-released course is Structure Inventory.

Home inventory professionals are known for documenting the contents of a home or business. Often during an inventory project, discussions with the client turn to carpet, flooring, built-in bookcases, and attached fixtures. These items typically are not included in a personal property inventory because they are, by definition, part of the structure.

There are times, however, when one needs to have detailed documentation of a commercial or residential building and its fixtures. This is called a Structure Inventory. These reports detail the condition of the building interior and exterior, often in preparation for leasing a commercial building, renting an apartment or house, or for vacation rental property, to name a few.

Watch for the course outline and further information about this course in late June.