The Rhyme and Reason for a Home Inventory

quillApril is National Poetry Month, so we decided to invite home and business inventory professionals to share their passion for the industry through verse.

The need for an inventory is often a serious discussion. However, we don’t always have to be a serious bunch!

With that in mind, NICA is taking this opportunity to lighten it up a bit while sharing the many reasons for an inventory.


The Rhyme and Reason for a Home Inventory

Do you have photos and a list
Of the assets that you own,
Often called personal property
They are the contents of your home.

To recover from a disaster
Insurance won’t pay what you think
You’ll need to list all items
Even glasses from which you drink.

The list will be extremely long
You’ll spend outrageous hours of time
The deadline will cause excessive stress
While noting details, line by line.

You need this list for financial planning
For pre-nups, moving, or divorce
It’s also helpful for estates …
An asset inventory sets the course.

Yes, there are many life events
When you need an inventory
Talk to others who needed and didn’t have one
They’ll be happy to share their story.

Cindy Hartman
Hartman InventoryAvon, IN