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18 Nov 2020

Marketing Minute – Free Holiday Writing Prompts

Mary GillenOne of the new courses that are currently being written and will be introduced before the end of the year covers the topic of Blogging. NICA member Tricia Hoekwater, CAE and CIS of Uniquely Yours Digital Solutions and Mary Gillen, NICA Associate Member who writes these Marketing Minute articles and is also a marketing professional and website developer, are co-writing the course.

As a “teaser” for this course, Mary provided this Marketing Minute of ideas for your holiday blog posts and beyond (if you already write a blog). If you currently do not blog, now is a great time to start! If you aren’t yet ready to launch a blog, but know it’s in your future, be sure to save this information. After taking the NICA Blogging course, you will most likely find that it’s a great way to promote your business and to share your knowledge for this industry.

The Marketing Minute today is to encourage you to visit Bryan Cohen’s Build Creative Writing Ideas Website for free creative writing prompts. He says, “These creative writing prompts act as your launching pad to help you use your brain to start a story right away.

“If you have a story idea in mind, but you aren’t sure how to start it, try one of these prompts to get you out of the starting blocks. It doesn’t have to be a perfect start, you just need to start! If you never put down word one of the greatest story ever told, it will never be told.”

Just click on this link: http://www.build-creative-writing-ideas.com/creative-writing-prompts.html and let your writing begin!

12 Aug 2020

Time to Begin Thinking About Recertification

CertifiedWe have entered the 2nd half of 2020. It’s been a unique year, to say the least! One constant is the benefit of being industry certified. We have a growing library of courses from which to choose when planning your recertification, which consists of acquiring five (5) Continuing Education Units annually. Two new courses are being created and will be available within the next few months. One of the new courses will cover the benefits of blogging and the other course includes information on marketing to the senior population.

This month we are featuring Social Media for Businessa course that is currently available and is helpful as you begin or increase your social media presence. Remember, most social media sites are free, which means you can make others aware of your inventory business and it only costs you your time! 

There is no longer a question of whether social media is here to stay. For the business owner, the questions now are often how to use social media to market their business, what platform(s) would be best for their industry, what type of content to share, and where to find the content.

Knowing the format and purpose of each site is important so you know which ones are a good fit for your industry and will help you achieve your goals. Should you have a personal and business account or just one account for each social networking site? Is it best and keep them totally separate, completely intertwined, or partially mixed?

You will be introduced to the most common business social media platforms and their cultures, how to market your business using social media, and how to integrate social media into your current marketing initiatives. Also included are tips on finding and creating content, along with time-saving tools to assist you in the process. This is not a how-to course on setting up your accounts. Since formats, pages, and settings change frequently, we leave that up to the individual companies to provide current information.

The three modules are:

  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Using Social Media to Market Your Business
  • Posting and Analyzing Your Information

Upon successful completion of Social Media for Business, you will be awarded three (3) Continuing Education Units.