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19 Aug 2021

Check Out These Blogs!

This post is featuring Associate Members’ blogs so you can start to follow them, learn from them, and possibly share this great information now via social media and your blogs (if you already have one established). If you aren’t currently writing a blog, but plan on writing one in the future, bookmarking some of their posts now will make them available to share as guest posts when you’re ready – and you’ll have a library of articles already prepared!

Mary Gillen WebsiteMary Gillen writes (in her words) a “definitely geeky and technical” blog.

However, she has received great feedback from clients, which has enabled her to learn that customers have gained great, useful information.

One area, in particular, is how to fix accessibility errors. By sharing step-by-step instructions, they were able to gain this knowledge from her blog.

Visit her Accessible Website Services Blog. Though it might be “geeky,” it’s written in common, easy-to-understand language!

ValuePros BlogThe blog that provides super inventory information is from ValuePros. Whether you plan on participating in their Appraisal Examiner initiative or just want this information available for your own edification that will enable you to provide educated advice to your clients. this blog will provide valuable knowledge for you.

The various topics relate to appraisals and valuations, with first-hand information about their work. Want to learn about sports memorabilia, fine art, antiques, coins, and more? This is the blog for you!

Frequent customer questions are also a big part of the content of this blog. They share those answers right here on the Blog page of their website.

17 Feb 2021

Marketing Minute – How To Get New Content Ideas

This Marketing Minute is provided by Associate Member Mary GillenMary Gillen

Use Your Search Engine’s Autocomplete Feature

Want your blog posts to be easily found by Search Engines? When writing your blog post titles, be sure to make use of the Search Engine Autocomplete Feature. Google and other search engines will show you the keyword phrases that your prospects are actually using when searching for your services. Use these phrases as your blog titles for better indexing.

For example, here are results from a recent search for “Marketing ideas”:

  • Marketing ideas during covid
  • Marketing ideas for 2021
  • Marketing ideas for service business
  • Marketing ideas for restaurants
  • Marketing ideas for new businesses
  • Marketing ideas for insurance agents
  • Marketing ideas for dental office

Pick the ones that apply to your home inventory business and use them as your titles to match what people are using to search.

Discover New Content Ideas via Wordtracker’s Tool

Need new content ideas? Use Wordtracker to get new content ideas.
Click on https://wordtracker.com, type in the word or phrase (we used “estate inventory”) and see the results that people are searching for. The top 5 were:

  • Theft from estate before inventory
  • Estate inventory checklist
  • Real estate
  • House inventory
  • What is included in an estate inventory

Obviously, not every “find” is appropriate, but you’ll receive some very good ideas

Make Google Alerts & Twitter Tweets Do the Work

Monitor trends that will give you fodder for your next blog or newsletter article. Use Google Alerts – https://www.google.com/alerts – to create email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.

You can also take advantage of TwitterSearch – https://search.twitter.com/  – to see Twitter’s real-time topics.